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Testimonials Continued...

I discovered over the years when I have needed help from physical therapists that there are some good ones, some mediocre and a few who were a waste of time. Jacqueline Becker, my Physical Therapist at Bee Mobile, exceeded all expectations. At our first appointment, she sat down and explained the course of therapy, took an extensive patient history confirming every detail with me, then explained the why’s and what for’s of our goals, and answered all of my questions with ease and expertise. I knew I was with an excellent therapist. She was thorough in developing her therapy plan tailored to my needs. Jacqueline is knowledgeable, innovative, and in a very pleasant way immutable to letting you cheat yourself in your healing process. At each session, she was attentive and listened carefully to what was going on or was hurting or confusing to me. I always looked forward to our therapy sessions because they weren’t boring, felt good about the exercises, and I could easily measure my progress. She has a fun personality, is punctual and reliable. I have absolutely no hesitancy whatsoever in recommending her as a Physical Therapist. You will be very fortunate and will benefit from her care.


Jean M.

Fallbrook, CA

I highly recommend Jackie when it comes to Physical Therapy of any kind...she is a talented professional in every aspect from my perspective. Personally, I suffer from osteoarthritis, which became unavoidable in my knees and one hip. I spent the better part of two years working with Jackie on a “life plan” that has literally managed my issues ever since. I TRUST her (and only her) when it comes to my future physical health & well-being. My insurance covered most of the cost so my out-of-pocket expense was minimal and totally worth it . . . Thank you, Jackie!

Meg B.

Rancho Penasquitos, CA

Some physical therapists just heal the part of you that needs physical healing. Jackie was always pleasant, professional, and caring. Even if I was having a hard time with my shoulder, she was still calm and caring. She allowed me to heal with grace and on my timeline. She never looked at me like 'just a patient'. I truly felt like it was all about me during our time together.

Lynn S.

San Diego, CA

Jackie Becker is certainly a professional that is knowledgeable and pleasant at the same time.
Our 94 year old which used to be an avid swimmer could hardly walk inside the pool without falling over. He said that he felt like a fish out of water. By the time Jackie finished working with him, he was swimming the length of the pool.
Thank you Jackie 🙏

Nadia S.

Vista, CA

Hello Jackie! Thank you so much for being so knowledgeable, friendly, professional, and compassionate!

I am so grateful to have had you assisting me with my physical therapy needs after my hip replacement!  I had no idea what to expect and you helped me through the process and get going quickly!!  You are truly making a difference!

Thank you Jackie!

GG Frances

Carmel Valley, CA

Amazing! I pulled a muscle in my neck and Jackie came to the rescue—especially since I needed to get better ASAP. She did some great muscle work, cupping, and gave me exercises to do for the week, so I’d be able to compete in an event the following week. Highly recommend her!


Danielle M.

Rancho Bernardo, CA

Jackie, WOW! I wish you all the best.  Tennessee's gain is California's loss.  Just know that becasue of you and your expertise, I am still walking, standing tall and out of pain 4 years after your therapy. Thank you so much.

Mari D.

Escondido, CA

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